30413 Total Salt (300g)

Characteristics Functions/Benefits
High in potassium (60%) Prevents muscle pain during slimming process due to the loss of potassium, maintaining proper fluid balance, nerve impulse function and cardiac (heart muscle) function.
Low in sodium (37%); normal salt contains > 99.5 % sodium Reduces risk of getting hypertension, edema and renal disease and other health problems due to excessive absorption of sodium.
Magnesium (3%) Strengthens the bone and skeleton while stabilizing nerves.


Sodium, potassium, magnesium.

Consumption Guide:
• Add into Total Diet-8 Plus (to increase intake of potassium) or Total Drink (to reduce heatiness).
• Cooking (soup, stir-fried dish).

Suitable for:
• Individuals who want to reduce weight.
• Individuals who suffer from hypertension, cardiovascular disease and edema.
• General healthcare purposes.